Youth for Christ Nanaimo



Seeing the hope and potential in every young person.


It is our mission to give all youth the equal opportunities they need and deserve to have successful and abundant lives. We do this in partnership with local churches, schools and individuals in our community who are passionate for the youth of Nanaimo.


Youth For Christ Nanaimo Staff Team



Paul MacMurchy
Nanaimo Area Director


Prior to receiving Christ in 1983, I was a troubled teenager from a broken family living a life of anger, drugs and sexual promiscuity. I had an encounter with Christ who transformed me and empowered me to overcome my addictions.

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Richard McMurray
North Nanaimo Youth Worker


By the grace of God, I survived my teenage years to reach my last year of university at 21 years old. This is when I became conscious of the Holy Spirit’s conviction on me of my unforgiven sins and my need to be made right with God.

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Janique Campbell
Youth Worker


God has given me a passion to show hospitality to those in need, and I believe there is a real need amongst the youth of Nanaimo as many of them come from unstable and unsafe homes. While volunteering with YFC Nanaimo for over a year, I have seen first-hand how God can unfold His love in the life of a young person.

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