While the scripture tells us that God’s character and His promises are unchangeable and that “Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever” (Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 13:8), we must also recognize that one of His unchangeable promises is that He will create change.  God’s grace, described as “the face that love wears when it faces imperfection” (Joseph Cooke), demonstrates His power over darkness. His power to change darkness to light and death to life invades our community when we walk in His grace. The grace we have received must flow through us to those we encounter.

learning to trust in god’s plan for our lives

God’s plans are always about change. Our challenge is to have this same heart and to move in His loving, graceful change as He directs. Some of this change is exciting, some more difficult.  Sometimes His Spirit challenges us to give up something we love or depend on, sometimes this change means to step into unknown territory, where we must walk by faith to receive the blessing He has in store for us.

As I watch His ministries flourish, building new life where death reined before, I sometimes find myself trying to hold on to things that make me comfortable, yet Jesus has called me to break new ground, go take the mountain that the giants own. Bring life to the dark places in our community.  I cannot do it on my own!

Jesus has made us a team for a reason, to follow His lead, to do His will, to break down the walls that stand against His ευάγγελιον, the Good News of freedom. 

On Saturday morning, one young man stood before a crowd and shared “what God has done for Him.” How he was set free!  This is because we went out. Salvation has come to two of his family. He and his sister stand in their household as God’s grace personified challenging the fabric of their home.

Another incredible change took place last Thursday evening at youth club. A friend of this transformed young man heard God’s call in our message. He came as a visitor but the story of “Jesus, the bread of life” from John 6, challenged His heart. He was shocked by the thought that the person who could have found the cure for cancer or the astrologist who may have invented high speed space travel or the leader who would have accomplished world peace or fed the countless starving, may have been aborted.

He was broken hearted because now he knows this is not God’s plan. This is not the flawed God that he has been taught about. This young man left youth club with a new faith in God and a passion to change the world. Funny thing is, the words that he heard, were not part of my notes but words that God spoke and what he needed to hear to remind him that there is a “Good” that he had not seen before.

What continues to drive me forward is that God shows up when we need Him the most. Sometimes this reassurance comes to me knowing that you have heard from God and believe in the mission we are on. It is an incredible adventure that we share. An outpouring of God’s “love meeting imperfection.” God’s perfect hand chooses us, His broken people, to do His incredible work of healing and restoration. And while comfort would tell me to take a job in a church, or go back to the business I once prospered in where a steady salary will give us security, we are called to rely on God’s people for our ongoing support.

I know it won’t be me that stands as a lawyer or politician who will change the Godless laws of our country, but young people changed by the power of the message of Christ, they are the hope that our land needs for healing from the savagery that has overtaken it.

I thank God for bringing His army together. Some will be on the front lines. Some will be the support team. Some will finance the war that will bring freedom for the innocent, take care of the widows and the orphans and love the un-loveable.

Please help us stand for this mission and thank you for so many who have already impacted the lives of our future.

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