After a beautiful and dry summer working with families, sending kids to camp and working with Immigration to bring Janique back to Nanaimo, we have set out on restarting our breakfast clubs and youth groups.  Our groups starting this year carry off of last year at Departure Bay Baptist with the addition of a Truth Seekers program designed for our growing believer population who are not so interested in the childishness of middle school age youth.  I am really excited about the passion some of these older youth show toward their faith and their desire to grow in understanding through bible study and prayer.  We will be focusing our study this year on the Gospel of John, partly because I just finished my 3 credit course at Regent on this amazing book.  At 5:30 we will share dinner together, at 6:15 we will engage in our study and at 7:00 we will open the doors to the “crazier kids.”  The second half of Thursday night will be lots of high energy activities including our Survivor game which will continue all year.  We will end the night with a small message that will make them think.

Junior Youth at DBBC will be developed by Richard McMurray and Evan Klaassen again with a focus on the book of John.  I will not be participating with the Jnr’s this year as I need more time for administration of YFC with its growing team.

Tuesday is a really exciting time for me.  We are continuing our My Faith Journey program for the fifth year.  This program has seen 10 or more kids come to Christ with the most recent being Kaij.  Kaij gave his heart to Jesus in the early summer with a confession of faith and a small prayer in my car as we sat in his driveway.  His testimony just yesterday was that he no longer feels the need to pick fights with other kids!  We shared with him that this is because he now has Jesus’ Holy Spirit in his heart.  This small group will likely grow a little but we will hand pick these kids to keep an intimate group who wants to grow in their faith.

This year’s focus for me will likely be on the development of our potential Youth Centre and the Cline Farm.  This is really exciting to me because I know it will give us many opportunities to show kids how to work as well as teach them faith through action.  We are hopeful for a new Rock Climbing Wall as well as getting our Gymnasium functional just for starters.  What an opportunity!!!  Kids will be drawn like flies to the fun we will have there.  John is so enthusiastic about this that he’s dreaming about a zip line!

Jackie and I are going away for the first two weeks of November to celebrate our 30th.  Greece!!  Funny thing is that I am also taking Greek at school this year.  God is awesome!

Please pray that God continues to bring people who are on the same page with us.  People who just want to love kids and their families to Jesus!

Ta Ta for now!


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