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Janique Campbell

youth leader staff intern


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When I look into the eyes of a child, I see the potential of a radiant flower that has not yet fully bloomed but is at the cusp of bringing beauty into a dull world. What joy it is to bloom in God’s garden! I know I want to be one of many to show our youth the greatest joy of blooming for God. The Bible says to go out and make disciples and I believe that young people can lead many to glory.

Ever since accepting Christ as my Saviour at 11 years old, I have seen God’s love and faithfulness to me, and it is my honour to share my experience of God with young people.

God has given me a passion to show hospitality to those in need, and I believe there is a real need amongst the youth of Nanaimo as many of them come from unstable and unsafe homes. Having been raised in a loving Christian community, and having studied hospitality and nutrition, God has equipped me for this mission.

While volunteering with YFC Nanaimo for over a year, I have seen first-hand how God can unfold His love in the life of a young person. It has given me great joy to work in an environment where we can be an example to the youth.


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